Cover Reveal – Hugh Howey Lives

Surprise, Surprise!!! What’s this title? Why didn’t we know? Well, if you’ve been following my writing status you know that on top of my Apocalypse Weird contribution The Blue Prince, the Cameron Kincaid follow up Templar Force, and the new science fiction thriller Planes Drifter, – on top of all of those – I wrote a top secret science fiction novella in November.

Well here it is – Hugh Howey Liveshughpaper2

This story came about after Hugh wrote a blog entry early November titled ‘Humans Need Not Apply’. In the article, and lengthy comment conversation that followed, Hugh speculated that within 100 years computers would be writing novels and authors could be obsolete.

I emailed Hugh a pitch with a different speculation, and in a few weeks, you’ll be able to read all about it.

This is an intriguing story and as soon as it is ready to share, I will be sending out ARCS (Advanced Reader Copies) to everyone who signs up to my newsletter. And that’s not all – I am giving a way a kindle, some signed copies, and some posters too. This is a story that will stimulate the imagination and I can’t wait for you to read it.

The Legacy Human – This Is Palpable Intelligent Fiction At Its Best, For Any Age Reader

The Legacy Human – This Is Palpable Intelligent Fiction At Its Best, For Any Age Reader
My review of The Legacy Human by Susan Kaye Quinn
thelegacyhuman With The Legacy Human, Susan Kaye Quinn is at the top of her speculative fiction game, mirroring the scientific discussion and activities of our world today to a future America where technology has allowed humans to Ascend to a mechanical, immortal existence, leaving behind the organic tethers of their physical selves for aesthetically superior machines. But not all Humans have Ascended, those that have not are Legacy. Eli is one of those. A prodigal painter set apart with other artisans to be given an opportunity to compete for the one prize that the Legacy Human’s most seek, Ascension. In order to attain immortality Eli must prove best in class at the annual games, impress the Ascended, and for that he and his loved ones will be granted immortality.

In this way, Eli follows the journey of the many heroes of the ancient Greek tales sent out to labor for the amusement of immortals. And we root for him, because, as any good hero, despite the great the desire to Ascend, he competes for those he loves.

That alone would make The Legacy Human a wonderful story.

The setting of the world of tomorrow is viscerally built though precise engineering and architecture that challenges me to question why we do not have the trains and craft and displays in use today, and the characters are developed to the detail that you will believe you know each of them; Eli’s trusted friend Cyrus, Kamali the Parisian dancer, and the Ascenders Marcus and Lenora, and so many more.

But it’s Quinn’s subtle use of societal and psychological reference that takes the story, Eli, and the reader farther than a mere race to the finish. As Eli meets other competitors, examines their viewpoints, and learns new realities of the world he thought he understood, the tale becomes one of his philosophical development.

We have all heard the quote “I think, therefore I am,” an off translation of the Latin phrase “cogito ergo sum,” which more exactly translated reads, “I am thinking, therefore I exist.” The Legacy Human takes this question further to let readers decide just what that existence is.

This is palpable intelligent fiction at its best, for any age reader. The premises set are neither declarative nor preachy, rather presented as an allegory in the most classic fashion.

What sets this story apart from others in the category such as Divergent and The Hunger Games is that the allegory is immediately applicable to every reader.

If a mind is immortal, what does that mean?

What does it mean to be me?

The answer, if there is one, is for the reader.

Mrs. Johnson’s Blues – Let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse

Mrs. Johnson’s Blues – Let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse
My review of Mrs. Johnson’s Blues by Kim Wells
Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.03.39 PMThis story is fine example of what can be done with a small canvas and the blossom of an idea – just who was Robert Johnson’s muse. Though the story is short, there are no wasted lines, the pace is quick, the language conversational. This work is an excellent sampling of Kim Wells’s southern tinged magical style. Within a few short pages, Kim Wells introduces an entire mythos that leaves the reader wanting for more tales of the Summer Queen. I read this story over my morning coffee with Robert Johnson strumming on the stereo and took pause to let my mind wander with the imagery Kim gave me. This is that kind of short – the kick start your creative heart kinda story – the kind that energizes the mind and incites the create process, and I highly recommend, let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse.

The Legendarium – A Modern Allegory

The Legendarium – A Modern Allegory
My review of The Legendarium by Michael Bunker and Kevin G. Summers
LegendariumBy combining magical realism, science fiction, and satire into one tome, Kevin Summers and Michael Bunker have delivered a powerful vehicle for metaphor and interpretation. The Legendarium is `a metaphysical library that exists at the nexus of the multiverse, at the point where all stories intersect.’ That means that every story ever conceived or that will be conceived, resides there, and if by chance a story is altered or removed, the timeline in all dimensions is in turn altered. And who do we have to preserve the Legendarium? None other than the imperfect creative writing teacher Alistair Foley, and the bumbling Bombo Dawson.
Not all is subtle in the Legendarium. The work is rife with blatant questions of aesthetics; What makes a work of writing literature? Does a traditionally published work out weigh an indie published story? Questions expected from two of Indie publishing’s best selling authors. Yet these questions are a bait to readers, to mask a greater message, and that is that stories, regardless of label, connect with readers, and without that connection, the reader is the lesser, and in turn the world lesser too.Legendarium Signed
As Bombo and Alistair stumble through the literary works of the Legendarium, we are given a view of a world that could have been. A moral lesson into why no story, indie or otherwise, should be swept under the rug. I give this story five stars, not because this is a great follow up in the Bombo Dawson franchise, (it is), and not because of the long list of literary name drops, (which it has), and not because of the impeccable language (because it has not). I give this story five stars because, through the eyes of two fools and a gentle poke at our literary heroes, we are reminded that throughout history stories have influenced the world, and touched us as well.

Amazing Times

During the ‘after school’ window – when the kids are having snacks, and the chances of writing nil – is when I tackle some of my author homework – Russell Blake’s latest entry has some interesting tidbits – particularly I like the reminder that ‘everyone is supportive of each other regardless of the stage of their career.  One of the reasons might be because we’ve all been alive long enough to have learned that you meet all the same people going up as you do coming back down’ – 2013 was more profitable for me in dollars and rankings – 2014 in relationships I have made and what I have learned, I am excited to see what 2015 will bring.

Click here to read Russell Blake’s end of year post – Amazing Times.

AGROLAND is in the Top 10 in Mystery, Thriller, Suspense on Amazon!

AGROLAND is in the Top 10 in Mystery, Thriller, Suspense on Amazon!

* * * * * 
This new edition Agroland edited by Crystal Watanabe has propelled into the top 20 of several Kindles charts including Dark Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Adventure, and others.  Discover the Supernatural Adventure UK readers have made an International Best Seller.

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