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Available August 22nd— Click here UNCOMMON LANDS

UnCommon Lands presents 20 unique depictions of fantastic places and alien landscapes. These stories of the human (and inhuman) experience transcend time and place and will transport you to worlds you’ve never imagined. Including new and veteran voices, our UnCommon Authors bring you stories which span multiple genres, but hold together on a framework of quality storytelling and a solid theme.

UnCommon Lands reminds us that where we are from isn’t as important as where we are going.

UnCommon Lands features stories from today’s top authors in slipstream, magical realism, and speculative and science fiction.

Edited by Jessica West and Includes
P.K. Tyler
Ashleigh Gauch
Daniel Arthur Smith
Michael J.P. Whitmer
Chris Godsoe
E.E. Giorgi
Shebat Legion,
Jeremy Rodden
Karen Gemma Brewer
Kenneth Robbins
Tom O’Brien
Ralph Walker
Bey Deckard
Michael K. Schaefer
Roslyn Cay
Brent Meske
Tausha Johnson
Levi Jacobs
Jon Etter