Cover Reveal – Sarfer

Hugh Howey Lives released a few days ago and those that have read the story know that it does not take place in a Hugh Howey Universe.  Today I’m announcing a story that does.  A story that takes place in the world of Sand.

Well here it is – Sarfer


Sarfer is the story of Mattie, a sailmaker’s son. When the great wall of Springston fell, he lost his father. But his father’s words resonated, “When you fall down, get back up.” So Mattie persevered and rode the wind to the brigands to become a courier, transporting anything anywhere, no questions asked.

This is an intriguing story and as soon as it is ready to share, I will be sending out ARCS (Advanced Reader Copies) to everyone who signs up to my newsletter. And that’s not all – I am giving a way some signed copies and some posters too. This is a story that will stimulate the imagination and I can’t wait for you to read it.