The Cameron Kincaid Adventures Bundle is only 1.99 this week!


There’s not a whole lot to say other than what’s up above: Amazon is offering The Cameron Kincaid Adventures Bundle, that’s both The Cathari Treasure and The Somali Deception in the same promotion, for only for 1.99 through August 14th.  If you haven’t picked up your bundle yet, or if you enjoyed the books and know a friend who may enjoy Cameron and Pepe’s adventures, this is the perfect time to spread the word.

The perfect opportunity to share with friends!

Here’s how to gift a copy of The Cameron Kincaid Adventures to a friend:

  1. Visit the Amazon page.
  2. On the right side of the page, in the green box, click “Give as Gift”.

  3. Type your friend’s email address, and a personal message telling them why you like these books.

  4. Click “Place your order”.

Easy Peasy.  Two Best Sellers for two bucks, so easy to give as many gifts as you like.

Thanks for spreading the word and supporting the books so enthusiastically!

Happy weekend and Thanks for Reading!